Rottweiler, a.k.a. Rottie or Rott, is a medium to large sized dog that originated in Rottweil, Germany and was mainly used for cattle herding. The Rottweiler is one of the top 10 smartest dogs, and has the strongest bite out of all domestic dogs. The average male weighs 110lbs and the average female weighs 93lbs. (Some of us are above average)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dog Powered Bicycle

One day I stumbled across the concept of a dog powered scooter on the internet. I was intrigued and I wanted one! Prior to my discovery of this great invention I was taking my dogs on long walks to burn their steam off. Well, waking the dog is great, but the dog and I never want to walk the same pace, they're always faster. So I entertained the thought of reclaiming my childhood banana seat bike from the shed at my parents house, and then I could ride my bike and walk the dog at the same time. However, laziness persisted and the weather turned bad, so not only did I not get my bike back, I stopped walking the dogs. But the idea of the dog powered scooter got me excited. They could pick the pace, and I wouldn't have to do any work! Also, Rottweilers are a working dog, so giving them a "job" helps to fulfill their needs. The idea was perfect! But one thing was in the way between me and the totally awesome dog powered scooter... money. These things are affordable, but if I spent that kind of money I'd feel obligated to use it everyday, which I couldn't see happening with Oregon's unpredictable weather.
Dreams were crushed... nearly. It just so happens I'm somewhat inventive myself, and I work at a machine shop. So I decided to make a dog powered banana seat bike! And for next to nothing, I did. I restored my bicycle and made a simple "L" shaped bracket to attach to the bike seat bracket to harness the dog. In addition, I added a headlight, taillight, and speedometer. To hook the dog to the bike, the dog just needs an everyday harness. The first test run was done with my cousin's German Shepard "Sasha". After some initial getting use to, she loved it. After some adjustments, my dog Cinderley was next. She does okay, but she doesn't really have the drive to pull the bike for very long. However, Thor does great. Our top speed was 13mph! Squishy, unfortunately is too tall for the set-up.

The before shot of the vintage banana seat bicycle.

The after shot of the bicycle with the added bracket to harness the dog on the right side of the bike.
Cinderley and me riding around the middle school's track that's a block from our house.

Thor and my dad riding around the middle school track.

***In Summary***

Safety rating: 5
Top Speed: 13 mph

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